4.Seeking For Blessings As A Successor

It comes as a shock to majority when an office holder decides to resign and leave office. Soon after the resignation, the relevant bodies must take it upon themselves to source for a suitable candidate who fills in the vacant position. The replacement process must follow a number of laid down steps and these include making sure the position is advertised and qualified candidates express their willingness to be considered through applications. Procedures in place are followed and this serves to ensure the selection panel picks the applicant who has the qualifications required of the position vacant. View Nicole Gueron

There is a laid down procedure that is set for the interviewing panel and this seeks to help pick the right candidate for the position. In this process, it means that the panel takes into considerations the professional qualifications and achievements of the candidates to pick the best for the position. It means therefore that the gains made by the candidate are valuable considerations towards being selected for the position. This is more so when the said values are in public domain. Such an achievement however needs to have an extent of compatibility with the sought after position and therefore a positive tool for consideration.

There are numerous causes for resignation among state officers. However, cases that are attributed as abuse of power by the officers are seen as one of the leading causes of the resignations. Those seeking to make replacements must show indication that they are in a position to give the office the much respect and honor it deserves despite the resignation. This serves to reinstate the public confidence in the office and more so ensure that the operations of the office continue smoothly irrespective of the interruptions from the resignation. More on Nicole Gueron

Experience is one of the major considerations made when seeking for the best fitting candidates to fill a vacant position. The selection process in this regard has a higher chance on falling on the candidates with experience working in the office as they are easy to train and get on the job. This is done in the quest to ensure the new office holder takes the shortest possible time in learning of the procedures and practices of the office. In the event that such a candidate is not available the net is widened to those who may have experience with similar offices.

There is a set process through which the selection process is done in order to find the candidate who perfectly fits to the job description. For public officers, there are procedures stipulated by law that must be followed for one to be appointed. Failure by interviewers to follow the procedure may lead to nullification of the process. Both the candidates and interviewers therefore need to be conversant with the procedures and ensure they are followed to the letter.

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